Because no one ever said 'Man, I really regret that time I spent backpacking the Amazon' or 'Damn, the impact I've had on my community from writing that book is just too much’ or 'Ya know, it's a shame I spent energy cultivating a dream instead of just numbing out after work every week.’

I help people live a life on purpose and make shit happen. 

After years of living around the world from Thailand to Swaziland, a career ranging from Hostel Management to Tech Start Ups, and more than a few self-taught (slash / what-was-I-thinking) experiences like renovating a vintage campervan and building a deck from scratch, I’m expert level at going after what you want and making it a reality.  

And now it's my turn to help you. 
Let's do this. 

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I'm here to help you go after your bucket list.


Hey,I'm Courtney!